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The concert for ADAS on Oct 20th has been cancelled by ADAS so we can now concentrate on Christmas!!!!!!

Dec 14tth
Guys and Dolls
The Rose (men only)
Dream a little dream (a few ladies)


The Lamb (Noel page93)
Shepherds farewell (Green Carols for Choirs page 142)
Lord of the Dance (White Carols for Choirs page 138)
Candlelight Carol (not available tonight)
Cowboy Carol (not available tonight)
Tis a wonderful thing (on a sheet — you should have this already)
The 3 Kings (Green book page 136)
Messiah — Glory to God? (Open to discussion)
Sans day Carol (Orange Carols for Choirs page 107)
Tomorrow will be my dancing day (Orange 203)
Sing lullaby (Noel page 198)

Could you also bring `For the beauty of the earth` please. I will tell you why on Tuesday.

The first 3 on the Christmas list are definites, but the rest of the list will be talked about at the next rehearsal. I want your opinions please. The concert is for all of us so it must contain music which we like singing. It may be the list is too long — again we will discuss it.
There is a lot of work to do, but we have 3 months in which to rehearse so there shouldn`t be a problem as long as you all attend rehearsals.

Please keep referring to John Fletcher.
It will help you learn any new music and also keep you up to date with pieces we have learned before.

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