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Programme for May 18th

Hail poetry — choir & soloists (Pirates)
Night has spread its pall once more — choir & soloist (Yeomen)
Strange adventure — soloists only (Yeomen)
A wandering minstrel I — choir men & soloist (Mikado)
Behold the Lord High Executioner — choir men & soloist (Mikado)
Comes a train of little ladies — choir ladies (Mikado)
Alone and yet alive — soloist (Mikado)
Three little maids — choir trio (Mikado)
Minerva! O hear me — soloist (Princess Ida)
None shall part us — soloists duet (Iolanthe)
Hail the bride — choir & soloists (Ruddigore
When I was a lad — choir & soloist (HMS Pinafore)


Sailors Chorus — choir (Pinafore)
I'm called little Buttercup — recit, soloist & chorus with soloist (Pinafore)
Never mind the why and wherefore — soloists only (Pinafore)
I am the Pirate King — choir men & soloist (Pirates)
Climbing over rocky mountains — choir ladies & soloists (Pirates)
Poor wandering one — choir & soloist (Pirates)
With cat-like tread — choir men & soloist (Pirates)
Policeman's song — choir men & soloist (Pirates)
Dance la Cachucha — choir (Gondoliers)
Take a pair of sparkling eyes — soloist (Gondoliers)
Regular Royal Queen — soloists only (Gondoliers)
Finale — choir & soloists (Pinafore)



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