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Audlem Voices — Men — An Endangered Species?

OK, so they run the economy, and the country, and the world. OK, so they earn more. In global terms, an awful lot more.
OK, so they took that "having dominion" malarkey (over the fish of the sea, and the fowl of the air, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth) horribly literally, extending it to all kinds of areas (the duvet, the remote control) that God forgot. But men had better look out. Poor darlings, they're doomed, but do not despair — Audlem Voices needs you!

For years women's progress has been cast as a struggle for equality, and heaven knows if male complacency is the problem, then the masses of men in Audlem and it's surrounding areas might turn their thoughts, — now that the football and tennis is over — to thinking about expanding their interests, — to say nothing of their vocal chords — and give their local choir a try. Why not?

Audlem Voices will welcome you with open arms, as will the plethora of women members who are desperate — perhaps that is slightly over stating the case — to hear the sounds of a few more male voices in their choir!

In fact we want lots and lots of men! In a mixed choir it's often the case that the number of women and men are very disproportionate. You fella's seem to like hiding your light under a bushel, whereas the women, well you'd have us believe it's just because we like the sound of our own voices I suppose?

So please, if you are interested in joining do contact us through our website or contact our Chairman, Carole Hallows

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