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The first set of links below will take you to the relevant work on the John Fletcher Site. You need to be logged in to the site.

All sound files are now stored on Dropbox. Read the notes on each page carefully. Some links take you directly to Dropbox, sometimes you need to click on the link that says "Click here for the sound files" to get there.

Note: You DO NOT need to " Join the Folder" or "Sign in" to DropBox to do this — you can just ignore those buttons and all the pop-ups that try to persuade you.

To listen to a sound file:
Click on the file (e.g. MP3) next to your voice partname. This opens a visual representation of the score in Dropbox, which moves across the screen when you use the PLAY button on the control panel at the bottom of the screen. This is very useful if you want to go over a particular section.

NOTE: The cogwheel button on the right hand end of the control panel allows you to play your part at half speed.

To download a soundfile:
Control-Click on a PC (Control-Click or Right-Click on a Mac) on the file (e.g. MP3) next to your voice partname; then choose "Download Linked File As..." or "Save As..." and pick a location on your hard drive.

About Copyrights:
Different works have different Copyright restrictions which are indicated. Please be sure to respect these.



Spring 2023 Rehearsals


Videos of the Lauridsen Nocturnes on YouTube

Sa nuit d'été — full performance

Soneto de la Noche — full performance

Sure on this Shining Night — full performance


John Fletcher music parts in alphabetical order

Et in terra pax hominibus (Item 2 on JF score)

Gloria in excelsis Deo (Item 1 on JF score)

Hallelujah chorus (Item 44 on JF score)

He watching over Israel (Item 29 on JF score)

Nocturnes: Sa nuit dete

Nocturnes: Soneto de la noche

Nocturnes: Sure on this shining night

Nocturnes: Epilogue — Voici le soir

Speed your journey

Zadok the Priest




Other Parts for Rehearsal


Click on the appropriate link for your voice to open it in a new tab and listen, or right-click to download.

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